minernode pool end of life 1.3.2024 explainer

What happens now?
minernode has ceased operations on the first of march '24. While the pool itself might be reachable, no users will be issued rewards. All hashrate currently provided will be seen as a donation.
This website will stay online until March '25.

Why is minernode shutting down?
High cost of living along with server cost increases (some parts up to 6x) have made maintaining the necessary infrastructure a financial suicide, especially for a 0% fee pool. This is and was a project maintained by a single person, and I just no longer have the necessary time to provide the experience you deserve.
We were also unlisted from miningpoolstats, resulting in no new users coming in. The current average hashrate of 12 Kh/s is proof that there is not a large enough userbase to sustain such an expensive operation.

Where can I mine now?
To keep mining with the same profits and similar ease of use, use the P2Pool Miner built into the Monero GUI or Gupax. P2Pool supports Monero decentralization. Do not join centralized pools.

Can I donate?
Yes, I would appreciate it. You can donate to our pool wallet.
You can also donate hashrate by connecting to xmr.minerno.de:4444

How can I reach out?
Our E-Mail is linked at the bottom of this page.

Can I request a payout?
Yes, of course you can. Use the link at the page bottom. It will not be monitored after the final payouts were processed.

Final words
minernode had long been a dream project for me. Experimenting with different pool softwares, I eventually built the first P2Pool-based pool, providing hashrate to P2Pool, thus making it more attractive for miners to switch to, with the hopes of increasing its power and helping decentralize the network, while providing frequent rewards to miners.
As a surprise to me, this actually worked. I was able to build a successful pool, and had tons of fun with it. The minernode community was always a pleasure to be part of, and I appreciate everyone who joined and mined here. It was a blast to be with you guys - sadly, that time is now over. The history of minernode and projects connected to it are something I will never forget, and eventually evolved into many other projects, all with the goal to support the pool, or using data from it.

Thank you for your trust, for your time, for your participation.

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E-Mail (closes after last payouts are complete)